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21.8.2017 - Autor: Národní klastrová asociace


Dear members and partners, NCA has the pleasure to present you the KETGATE project

Key Enabling Technologies (KET) drive innovation and improvement across a range of business sectors. KETGATE is a project that connects business support organisations and research institutes to help small and medium-sized companies access high-level technology. The project partners will help develop a network that can build a KET ecosystem, which makes innovation more accessible to them.

KETs provide the basis for product innovation across multiple industrial sectors. Companies active in sectors like food, transport and healthcare make use of innovative infrastructures and technology services through regional channels. The KETGATE project brings together business support organisations and applied research institutes from eight countries to develop and test operational models and tools linking small and medium sized companies with their suppliers. KETGATE will help small and medium sized companies to access high-level technology services and thus strengthen their linkages to the relevant actors in research and technology. The project will develop starter-kits and toolboxes with the aim to let the existing network grow towards a KET Innovation Ecosystem. As a result, SMEs will be able to bring smarter solutions quicker to market, leverage private and public investments and support the dynamic development of KET know-how and application in the area of central Europe.

Project is co-funded by the European Union.

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