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HK Metal Cluster

The Havirov-Karvina metal cluster was established in 2015.


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Cluster activities and goals focus on 5 priority areas:

  • Education, development of human resources and professional growth of employees
  • Promotion of engineering and technical fields to stop the outflow of workforce in this area. Focusing on industry 4.0
  • Professional assistance in the field of research and development focused on engineering and welding
  • Joint purchase of products and services
  • Presentation and promotion of the cluster - marketing and PR for members



  • All about welding
  • All about cooperation with companies from Serbia


Cooperation opportunities

  • Cooperation in metalworking
  • Active assistance when entering the Serbian market



  • Cooperation with Vojvodina Metal Cluster - Closed Memorandum of Coop-eration, activities in the field of export/import with Serbia
  • Collaboration with local primary and secondary schools to promote technical education.
  • Education of employees and professional growth and development of member firms.
  • Promotion of cluster members.



Contact: Milan Kasl,, +420 725 717 871

Havířovsko-karvinský kovo klastr, z.s.
Cluster NIC:04583302Department:Moravskoslezský
Number of companies:17Employees (estimate):3131
CINNameTypeDepartmentEmployees (estimate)
25383655Aspalatos s.r.o.firmaMoravskoslezský3
86990802Bc. Jindřich KaněraFOMoravskoslezský0
25893165HLIMONT s.r.o.firmaMoravskoslezský22
74642863Ing. Josef KaplanFOMoravskoslezský0
29446287INVIRA s.r.o.firmaMoravskoslezský8
26857812JP KOVO s.r.o.firmaMoravskoslezský15
25818708KOVOSTAR Ocelové konstrukce s.r.o.firmaMoravskoslezský15
29459800MEDIATOR innovation s.r.o.firmaMoravskoslezský3
26629437Národní strojírenský klastr, z.s.klastrMoravskoslezský3
60793023Okresní hospodářská komora v KarvinékomoraMoravskoslezský3
70321027Radim FrankFOMoravskoslezský3
13644289Střední škola Sýkorova HavířovMoravskoslezský75
68321261Střední škola technických oborů HavířovMoravskoslezský75
01808753SvarExpert s.r.o.firmaMoravskoslezský3
25855875UNIRAD CZ s.r.o.firmaMoravskoslezský3
25366599V - Nass a.s.firmaMoravskoslezský150
61989100VŠB – TU OstravaMoravskoslezský2750