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Supporting education at CREA Hydro&Energy


The cluster CREA Hydro&Energy since its beginning, has focused on the development of human resources and education not only of the young generation. Over 50 trainees from the Czech and Slovak Republic, Italy, and other countries passed through the cluster, improving their knowledge and learning practical skills, especially in internationalisation and regional development.

The cluster’s activity in professional education in water management launched the implementation of the European project Platform of Vocational Excellence Water (PoVE Water) from the Erasmus+ programme, in which the cluster, together with the Mendel University and SPŠ Stavební Brno cooperated as a regional leader for the Czechia with partners from the Netherlands, Latvia, Malta and Scotland. The digital database of educational materials in the field of water management was created and complemented by new educational materials on virtual reality from MCAST from Malta or on the water in the landscape from Mendel University.


In 2021, the joint efforts peaked with the study stay of a group of high school students in the Dutch „water capital“ Leeuwarden, which ended with the participation in a competition of international teams from four countries in water expertise, followed by a study stay of prox 20 PhD students and academics from the Mendel University. The primary outcome was the establishment of the „Water in the Landscape“ training centre (CoVe WiL), which has no legal personality yet and has already brought together seven partners from the South Moravian Region, including the three most prominent universities in Brno.


The European Commission approved supporting the development of centres of expertise within the larger PoVE Water Scale-up project in 2021, in which partners develop their regional centres at the European level. The leadership in the Central European CoVe Wil centre has been taken over by Mendel University (a cluster member), and a new centre has been established in South Africa. The cluster remains a strong part of the project and continues to be involved in the management and development of the centre, which already includes partners from neighbouring countries. This ensures the continuity and further development of the successful activities of the cluster to provide quality water professionals and their further development.