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We connect cluster organizations and technology platforms defend their needs and develop cluster policy in the Czech Republic.

The National Cluster Association (NCA) is a non-governmental non-profit organization that brings together entities and individuals with the goal of coordinated and sustainable development of cluster initiatives and cluster policy development in the Czech Republic based on concentration of knowledge, experience and expertise to strengthen the Czech competitiveness.

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The NCA brings together

32 / 5
clusters and technology platforms / research and support organizations
882 / 218
companies / other members
276 tis
Total number of employees in member organizations (approx.)
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European Cluster Conference 2024 takes place in Brussels

The European Cluster Conference is all about collaboration: bringing together stakeholders, policymakers, cluster managers, researchers, entrepreneurs and the public to build connections and ignite new ideas for investments.

The Clusters Day in the format of Clusters meet Regions was successfully held on 23 and 24 September, 2023

The European Cluster Collaboration Platform, on behalf of the European Commission, in partnership with the National Cluster Association of the Czech Republic, CEDEG, Cluster MECHATRONIKA, EDIH NORTHEAST and the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences jointly organised the workshop and matchmaking under the framework of the “Clusters meet Regions” cycle.

The National Cluster Association awarded the Golden Cluster and other awards for 2022

This year, the National Cluster Association also awarded the best of its members.

After one year again the National Cluster Association publishes KLASTROVINY!

In our publication you can get to know the members of the National Cluster Association and learn about their achievements.

Actuality and News

Innovation through integration: How to create and engage a meta-cluster, EU Cluster Talk, 24 APRIL 2024

Clock icon17.04.2024

The concept of meta-clustering is a progressive strategy that links different clusters from various sectors, industries, and regions in the global economy.

Technology Centre Prague - Bioeconomic atlas NCA, Czech clusters and their members

Clock icon15.04.2024

Technology Centre Prague contributed to the Bioeconomic Atlas NCA. The atlas was created thanks to the projects DanuBioValNet (01/17-06/19) and GoDanuBio (07/20-12/22), co-financed by the INTERREG DANUBE programme. 

Autonomy, innovation and security: EU strategies for Aerospace and Defence - EU Clusters Talk, 17 April 2024

Clock icon10.04.2024

The defence and aerospace ecosystem are changing in major ways, driven by the need to increase strategic autonomy and to adapt to the green and digital changes.

KVADOS is the first company in the Czech Republic to make full use of T-Mobile’s private 5G network

Clock icon08.04.2024

NCA members regularly share their successes and the successes of their members with us. Selected contributions can be found in the KLASTROVINY. Read a contribution from the Association for Innovation in Logistics and its member KVADOS.

Clusters meet Regions - Graz, Austria, 18 - 19 June 2024

Clock icon04.04.2024

Tradition reinvented: how clusters lead resilient, innovative shifts towards a climate-neutral, digital future

Cluster managers from the Czech Republic participated in the Cluster Booster Academy

Clock icon27.03.2024

In January and March 2024, the Cluster Booster Academy, organised by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform, provided training opportunities for EU cluster managers.