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The Zlin Creative cluster and its activities in 2022


The Zlin Creative cluster, in collaboration with the Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlín, created a project focused on the Zlin industrial design phonemes - 100 years of Zlin design alias 100 ZD.

100 years of Zlin design

The project will honour a significant anniversary - 700 years since the first written mention of the town of Zlín. The project's main idea is the celebration of people who historically created and still create and develop the city we know today. The number seven will accompany the coming year in terms of the number of qualities that notable personalities of the past and present and the city inhabitants can be proud of. That includes education, openness, pioneering, industriousness, entrepreneurship, perseverance and creativity. And creativity is one of the essential aspects of Zlín and its surroundings.


The project aims to introduce "an imaginary family silver" of Zlin and its region, which have created an essential part of today's young designers' education, professional designers' activities and studies or valuable production of companies that cooperate with them. Design is one of the primary activities that mainly affect the quality of our lives. This project needs to remind us of design roots, the history of the design industry and important personalities connected to design, and at the same time, reflect the current situation.


The upcoming exhibition will focus on history in the first part, followed by a showcase of significant design companies and brands, especially from present, and complemented by a lecture and experiential aspect of the conference.


"Zlin city has been well known for its large number of creative people and artists for several years, and this event should have reminded the city's potential again. The city Zlin and Zlin region will represent one of the most important centres for the creative industry in the Czech Republic. We are glad that the Zlin creative cluster has the opportunity to work on the project and bring our vision closer." says the vice president of the cluster, Dusan Sviecka.


The project is in collaboration with the yearly Zlin Design Week organised by the Faculty of Multimedia Communications, Tomas Bata University in Zlín.



HUB 123

As we mentioned in Klastroviny, we launched this year a project connected to the opening of a coworking centre in the heart of Uherske Hradiste. It focuses on the development and promotion of creative industries.

In the first couple of months, we collaborated with local subjects from the KKP area, such as Summer film school or startup 3D Vec, and we organised over 20 events and met over 400 guests.


One of the most successful concepts is "Breakfast in the HUB 123 with...", the inspirational meetings with morning coffee and exciting guests from the business, creative, political, cultural and educational areas. Or networking events called SMILEworking that aims to connect, inspire and entertain. This event is organised in collaboration with the THINK differently organisation. They aim to map the need of SME entrepreneurs.


"We are still at the beginning, but we already have plenty of successful events behind us, which participants positively rated. I am glad that new people are still coming and we can reach a wider group. I believe that HUB 123 will benefit the city, and the community of creative people will grow," says the coworking centre manager Vendula Doubravska.


Fundings for the project come from Voucher Assitance within the Smart project accelerator of the Zlin region II, which the European Structural and Investment Funds and the Zlín Region fund. It is also a grant from the project Dokážeme víc České spořitelna and the Via Foundation. Thanks to this grant, events supporting the business and the broader community are co-financed.



The Concordia Design Accelerator

The Zlin creative cluster is an international partner of Concordia Design Accelerator - a unique program for projects supporting organisations and companies in the post-covid economy.


The Concordia Design Accelerator can help startups grow and reach international success. The programme offers funds for development (a free capital contribution of up to EUR 65 000), access to reliable business partners, support from mentors or assistance with formalities.


Founders can expect up to 13 months of intense and fascinating work as part of the programme. The accelerator will connect them with industry partners who will check their proposed solution or with investment funds interested in investing in their project. Startups will work with representatives of globally renowned companies, experienced investors and entrepreneurs who have blazed the trail that startups are now following.


The accelerator prefers teams focused on AI, cybersecurity and smart cities, but this does not mean that it excludes other topics.


Vendula Doubravska, cluster manager,