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The Brno Space Cluster brings together companies, academia and other entities involved in the space industry, science and popularisation in the South Moravian Region. It is currently the largest association in this field in the Czech Republic. 

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In our region, we believe in cooperation. That is why in 2021, 9 space entities founded Brno Space Cluster - a local cluster consisting of both companies and academia.


Building on multiple years of previous cooperation, the cluster expanded from 9 to 19 members just in the first year. Currently, the cluster is consisting of more than 22 members and still growing. This is making it the biggest space association in the Czech Republic.


The cluster plays a platform role as a place to share and exchange ideas and information, but also an active role in the business itself. To further support business, the cluster can bid as an entity - and just in the first year, the cluster placed two bids for international tenders.


As Business & Education are the main goals of the cluster, a new master’s study program was established at the Brno University of Technology. Focusing on system engineering, the new master’s is held in English and is open for up to 30 students from all over the world every year. The students have multiple classes on space systems as well as an opportunity to gain real experience as the cluster member companies are offering internships for them.



Cluster NIC:10891935Department:Jihomoravský
Number of companies:22Employees (estimate):13753
CINNameTypeDepartmentEmployees (estimate)
29243891BizGarden s.r.o.FirmaJihomoravský3
no NICCEITEC- Central European Institute of TechnologyJihomoravský0
28280105G.L. Electronic s.r.o.FirmaZlínský15
15526801GK SERVIS, spol. s r.o.FirmaJihomoravský3
09355090GROUNDCOM.SPACE s.r.o.Jihomoravský0
14202905Hikade Technologies s.r.o.FirmaJihomoravský3
04332351Huld s.r.o.Praha0
00101443Hvězdárna a planetárium Brno, příspěvková organizacePříspěvková organizaceJihomoravský37
06541747Inpraise systems s.r.o.FirmaZlínský37
71180478JIC, zájmové sdružení právnických osobZájmové sdružení pr.osobJihomoravský75
02731410Lightigo s.r.o.Jihomoravský0
00216224Masarykova univerzitaJihomoravský7500
62156489Mendelova univerzita v BrněJihomoravský2250
48907723Regionální hospodářská komora BrnoKomoraJihomoravský15
02588862SAB AEROSPACE SRAJihomoravský0
05082030SAWtronics s.r.o.FirmaJihomoravský15
08219907Spacemanic CZ s.r.o.FirmaJihomoravský0
03467112TRL Space Systems s.r.o.FirmaJihomoravský15
00532304UNIS, a.s.Akciová společnostJihomoravský275
00216305Vysoké učení technické v Brně - Ústav radioelektronikyJihomoravský3500
06403166World from Space s.r.o.FirmaJihomoravský7
08908508Zaitra s.r.o.FirmaJihomoravský3