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Cluster Mechatronics

Cluster MECHATRONIKA works as a platform for linking the business to the research organizations, schools and public administration in mechatronics and related disciplines.

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Thanks to our wide network of contacts in the Czech Republic and abroad, we open up new opportunities for Czech companies for their growth and development. The Cluster associates companies based on their competencies. Our activities support industrial innovations and direct technology and knowledge transfer from research organizations to companies.


Products / Services

  • Information service, linking and supporting business relations
  • Networking activities - references and contacts mediation
  • International cooperation (Bavaria, Europe...)
  • Project office - project consulting
  • Coordination of cooperation in R&D and Innovations
  • Czech Technology Platform in Additive Manufacturing (CTPAV)
  • Support of technical education in primary and secondary schools 



  • Networking events
  • Technology and knowledge transfer
  • Additive manufacturing, Industry 4.0



  • Networking events focused on creating business relations
  • International cooperation, referencies based on wide network of colaborating organisations (mostly in Bavaria)
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation
  • R&D in additive manufacturing (3D print), support for introduction of additive technologies 
  • National and international projects for technology and knowledge transfer
  • Supporting of technical education, motivation of students and schools
  • Coworking with the Pilsen Region in creating of its strategies in R&D

Contact: Katerina Podana,, +420 777 085 704



Klastr MECHATRONIKA, z. s.
Cluster NIC:22890629Department:Plzeňský
Number of companies:13Employees (estimate):4956
CINNameTypeDepartmentEmployees (estimate)
63072394Blumenbecker Prag s.r.o.FirmaPraha150
00526886CAMEX spol. s r. o.FirmaStředočeský10
26316919COMTES FHT a.s.Akciová společnostPlzeňský150
70838534Gymnázium a Střední odborná škola, PlasyPlzeňský75
07739044Krajská hospodářská komora v Plzeňském krajiKomoraPlzeňský0
47717076LINTECH, spol. s r.o.FirmaPlzeňský150
64360083MURRELEKTRONIK CZ, spol. s r.o.FirmaPlzeňský15
02593572Proinno a.s.FirmaPlzeňský3
29157382STRKAN s.r.o.FirmaPlzeňský20
69456330Střední odborné učiliště elektrotechnické, PlzeňPlzeňský150
69457930Střední průmyslová škola dopravní PlzeňPlzeňský225
47718552ŠKOLA WELDING s.r.o.FirmaPlzeňský9
49777513Západočeská univerzita v PlzniPlzeňský3999