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Czech Hemp Cluster

The Czech Hemp Cluster (CzecHemp) is a non-governmental non-profit cluster organization of private companies, public sector, research and educational institutions.

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It was established to strengthen cooperation in the Czech hemp and medical cannabis industry, support the UN SDG, EC innovative policy, national competitiveness policy and development of bioeconomy in the Czech Republic.
It consists of approximately 17 mostly SME member organizations from the field of crop production and processing and connected R&D. The cluster Executive and Supervisory Boards consists of professionals with years of experience in the hemp or medical cannabis industry with wide cooperation with the world interest community.


It was established in May 2018 with the main purpose to remove barriers of the industry development including legal and technical issues.  Other important goals of CzecHemp are restoring the hemp industry value chain in the Czech Republic, harmonization of the EU hemp legislature, establishment of the bioeconomy in the Central and Eastern Europe including the functional strategy for bioeconomy with ambition to fulfil the UN SDG, strengthen the cooperation with other industries aimed on the post-fossil solutions and boost of R&D in the not-yet-enough discovered field.


CzecHemp is willing to enter into project partnership with the organizations sharing some of these goals and way of thinking.


Contact: Ondrej Krasny,, +420 773 972 709

Český konopný klastr, z. s.
Cluster NIC:07052626Department:Liberecký
Number of companies:21Employees (estimate):3565
CINNameTypeDepartmentEmployees (estimate)
05395372ABIDES a.s.akciová společnostPraha - kraj3
04396324APLK - Asociace pěstitelů léčebného konopí, z.s.sdruženíPraha - kraj0
05666180BIOIZOL s.r.o.firmaJihomoravský3
03076849BioVita Group s.r.o.firmaOlomoucký3
29300321Canopy Growth Czech s.r.o.firmaOlomoucký3
05216991DBH Technologies s.r.o.firmaÚstecký0
28973852EcoFuel Laboratories s.r.o.firmaPraha - kraj7
03846164ECP Logix a.s.akciová společnostPraha - kraj3
00159816Fakultní nemocnice u sv. Anny v Brně - ICRCpříspěvková organizaceJihomoravský3500
24735001Hempoint, s.r.o.firmaVysočina3
no NICChris CarterFOPraha - kraj0
03136621ICCI - International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute s.r.o.firmaPraha - kraj3
no NICIng. Ladislav KrajčaFOZlínský0
05274036Institute of Social Investigative StudiesspolekPraha - kraj0, z. s.sdruženíPraha - kraj0
no NICLucia GogolákováFOPraha - kraj0
26780356MABEKO, s.r.o.firmaLiberecký0
25843206Moravian Hemp s.r.o.firmaMoravskoslezský0
no NICMVDr. Radek StaněkFOOlomoucký0
no NICOndřej SolarFOJihomoravský0
00027022Výzkumný ústav potravinářský Praha,v. v. i.výzkumný ústavPraha - kraj37