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HR Development Cluster

The HR Development Cluster was established in 2021 to connect companies and create an inspiring environment for sharing good practice, disseminating and promoting new HR management practices and raising awareness of this field and its importance for the competitiveness of companies.

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Currently, the HR Development Cluster brings together 19 members from different sectors. The cluster has mainly a regional presence (Zlín Region). The aim of the cluster is to connect stakeholders with each other in a confidential environment for support and exchange of valuable experience, especially in the areas of development and HR.




Cooperation opportunities:

We want to apply the exchange of experience between members in the field of HR. We emphasize the importance of working with people and therefore employee development.

We see the involvement of high schools and universities in the Zlín region in HR issues as another equally important activity. The aim is to actively respond to the current, but above all future needs of employees and employers.

Thanks to the existing know-how of the cluster members, the service of "Specialized Technology Audit" is being created. The aim of this is to identify the state of a given company and to identify the potential for the use of new technologies.  

In addition to these audits, member and non-member entities can (under conditions set by us) participate in workshops and seminars organised by us.






The main activity of the cluster is the dissemination and promotion of new practices in personnel management.

Promoting regional education (some of our members are already actively cooperating with high schools and universities).

Raising awareness of the importance of HR in companies (cooperation with the Zlín Region, other clusters, TIC, etc.)

Mediation and support of cooperation between academia and industry.

Promoting the competitiveness and entrepreneurship of member companies by networking in the field of R&D.

Exchange of information and experience, networking, i.e. cooperation between members and other clusters and organisations.

Presentation of topics (in clear language) related to the environment - energy savings, circular economy, bio-economy, in relation to obligations and opportunities for member companies.


Contact: Magdalena Vrabcekova,, +420 608 855 994



Rozvojový HR klastr, z.s
Cluster NIC:10853022Department:Zlínský
Number of companies:19Employees (estimate):583
CINNameTypeDepartmentEmployees (estimate)
26910055AH Energy s. r. o.FirmaZlínský20
10566201Alois DoležalFirmaZlínský10
25559117Autoal Czech s. r. o.Zlínský0
27696057CV Machining s. r. o.FirmaZlínský65
02018357Dudr Tools s.r.o.FirmaZlínský106
26916363fgFORTE s. r. o.FirmaZlínský0
26309181greiner packaging s.r.o.Zlínský0
no NICLenka HorákováZlínský0
09706259Libella design s.r.o.FirmaZlínský5
no NICMartin VančuraZlínský0
73350338PhDr. Radomíra GilarováFyzická osobaMoravskoslezský0
28302371PSG Construction a.s.Zlínský0
04321537Ronixtech s. r. oFirmaZlínský7
26883490SIConsult ZlínFirmaZlínský18
29181241TNS SERVIS s.r.o.FirmaZlínský185
70883521Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve ZlíněZlínský0
65278925ZAKO TURČÍN, spol. s r.o.FirmaZlínský140
06594727ZLÍN ROBOTICS s.r.o.FirmaZlínský27