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The MedChemBio cluster associates 25 members specialized in medicinal chemistry and chemical biology cooperating in R&D using the GMP testing laboratory accredited by the State Institute for Drug Control.

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Among the leading MedChemBio members, the Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of the Palacký University in Olomouc is becoming a technical infrastructure for ba-sic research of the molecular nature of tumorous and infectious diseases.



  • The MedChemBio Laboratory provides services in the area of quality inspection for medical preparations, active substances, raw materials and intermediate products. On a client‘s request, the MedChemBio Laboratory can also carry out research, de-velopment and validation of analytical methods. The existing equipment of the Laboratory enables us to carry out standard and special physical and chemical anal-ysis jobs, such as liquid chromatography, liquid chromatography connected with a mass spectrometer, infrared spectroscopy, titration and a number of other ana-lytical assessments. The MedChemBio Laboratory employs experts who have long- term experience with proper production practice in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • MedChemBio provides knowledge and expertise in the transfer of laboratory experiments to advanced stages of preclinical and clinical research and the introduction of the production of new investigational medicinal products that are designed for advanced therapies.


Cooperation opportunities

  • International Research
  • Development and innovation projects.



  • Creation of a platform for an information Exchange
  • Promotion of Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology in society
  • The development of specific projects which are on the cusp between science and industry.


Contact: Arnost Rybar,, +420 733 690 653,

Cluster NIC:72023970Department:Olomoucký
Number of companies:22Employees (estimate):9641
CINNameTypeDepartmentEmployees (estimate)
64938255APIGENEX s. r. o.FirmaPraha75
27858731BioApex, s.r.o.FirmaOlomoucký0
27841391BioPatterns s.r.o.FirmaOlomoucký0
00444715Česká společnost chemickáNestátní nezisková organizacePraha3
00444669Česká společnost pro biochemii a molekulární biologiiNestátní nezisková organizacePraha0
47121025EUROTEX, spol. s.r.o.FirmaPraha3
45192961FARMAK, a.s.FirmaOlomoucký375
27780317IntellMed, s.r.o.FirmaOlomoucký3
28934024IOCB TECH s.r.o.FirmaPraha8
03768317LifeTree s.r.o.FirmaPraha0
25832026Nadace pro výzkum rakoviny Česká republikaNestátní nezisková organizaceOlomoucký3
47154845OlChemIm s.r.o.FirmaOlomoucký8
24711667oncomed manufacturing a.s.Akciová společnostJihomoravský225
25074555QUINTA-ANALYTICA s.r.o.FirmaPraha150
02018209Sancela s. r. o.FirmaPraha0
41191871SciTech spol. s.r.o.FirmaPraha8
15887103SHIMADZU Handels GmbH - organizační složkaFirmaPraha15
26204363STAR Czech s.r.o.FirmaPraha15
26785323Teva Czech Industries s. r. o.FirmaMoravskoslezský1750
61989592Univerzita Palackého v OlomouciOlomoucký4500
61388963Ústav organické chemie a biochemie AV ČR. V.v.i.Výzkumný ústavPraha750
60461373Vysoká škola chemicko-technologická v PrazePraha1750