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National Machinery Cluster

The Czech Machinery Cluster is the registered association of more than 40 compa-nies operating in the field of mechanical engineering. Since its establishment in 2003, it has been active also in the related industries, including service-providing companies and academic institutions.

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Its membership base employs more than 20 000 workers and achieves the annual revenue of 1, 75 billion EUR. The manufacturing program of the member companies covers almost the entire engineering sector, from individual engineering products to the production and supply of the largest technological units. The cluster is also successful in the pro-duction of industrial pumps, all kinds of valves and various fittings.



The cluster focuses on supply chains creation, organizes purchase alliances and prepares educational and innovative projects for its members. It also organizes conferences, seminars and workshops for experts and the general public. Its mem-ber companies invest hundreds of thousands EUR a year to the development of technical education. They support students by scholarships and contribute to the promotion of technical disciplines at universities, operate technical colleges and organize various specialized events.


Cooperation opportunities

The cluster leaders, the companies of Vitkovice Machinery Group and Strojirny a stavby Trinec (The Trinec Engineering and Construction Company), significantly influence and support the activities of the cluster. The Vitkovice Machinery Group, which is led and owned by Jan Svetlik, the President of the cluster, forms the technological and commercial basis for the design and implementation of complex international projects, in which the other cluster members can also participate.


Contact: Jaroslav Vidisevsky,, +420 601 364 581

Národní strojírenský klastr, z.s.
Cluster NIC:26629437Department:Moravskoslezský
Number of companies:43Employees (estimate):20109
CINNameTypeDepartmentEmployees (estimate)
47902744AK 1324, s.r.o.firmaMoravskoslezský37
29453721Argutec, s.r.o.firmaMoravskoslezský8
25822942Baroz Ener, spol. s r.o.firmaMoravskoslezský75
68407700ČVUTPraha - kraj7500
60737573DIMER, spol. s r.o.firmaZlínský75
26877970ECOFER s.r.o.firmaMoravskoslezský3
06212514EGE Service s.r.o.firmaMoravskoslezský75
07383207European Walding Institute s.r.o.firmaMoravskoslezský3
48400751FERRIT s.r.o.firmaMoravskoslezský370
25861697Flash Steel Power, a.s.firmaMoravskoslezský150
28562844Hametal, spol. s r.o.firmaMoravskoslezský3
04583302Havířovsko-karvinský kovo klastr, z.s.klastrMoravskoslezský3
64084060Hutní montáže-Svarservis, s.r.o.firmaMoravskoslezský3
48200441Hydac spol. s r.o.firmaJihočeský150
no NICJSC RUSPOLYMETČeská republika0
25826336KOFING a.s.akciová společnostMoravskoslezský75
46347267KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ, a.s.firmaJihomoravský370
18487009Květoslav BašistafirmaMoravskoslezský75
26815869MACH - TĚSNĚNÍ spol. s r.o.firmaMoravskoslezský22
25309331MEZ, a.s.firmaJihomoravský75
04115350Mongolian Forum s.r.o.firmaPraha - kraj3
26580845Národní energetický klastr, z.s.klastrMoravskoslezský3
06252745Národní stavební klastr z.s.klastrMoravskoslezský3
25378341PKS servis spol. sr.o.firmaMoravskoslezský37
03085406PRO-DO projektová a dotační kancelář, s.r.o.firmaMoravskoslezský3
27281868rt steel s.r.o.firmaÚstecký22
00576310Sdružení pro rozvoj MSKNNOMoravskoslezský15
25862880SENSES PLUS s.r.o.firmaMoravskoslezský0
60202505Spojené slévárny, spol. s r.o.firmaMoravskoslezský75
00601381SPŠ, OA a Jazyková škola, FM, p.o.Moravskoslezský150
00602141SPŠ, Ostrava - Vítkovice, p.o.Moravskoslezský75
47674539Strojírny a stavby Třinec, a.s.firmaMoravskoslezský1250
45193771TEPLOTECHNA Ostrava a.s.firmaMoravskoslezský150
63987121TÜV SÜD Czech, s.r.o.firmaPraha - kraj375
25849026VÍTKOVICE CYLINDERS a.s.firmaMoravskoslezský750
27807088VÍTKOVICE HAMMERING a.s.akciová společnostMoravskoslezský75
25877950VÍTKOVICE HEAVY MACHINERY a.s.firmaMoravskoslezský750
45193070VÍTKOVICE, a.s.firmaMoravskoslezský150
62304992Vitkovické slévárny, spol. s r.o.firmaMoravskoslezský375
61989100VŠB – TU OstravaMoravskoslezský2750
27768953VÚHŽ a.s.firmaMoravskoslezský375
00216305Vysoké učení technické v BrněJihomoravský3500